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Event London May 24 2023

What would good money look like?

Robert Pringle (Central Banking Publications) and Brendan Brown (Hudson Institute) on ‘A Guide to Good Money‘ Wednesday 24th May, 17:00 hrs. At the Institute of Economic Affairs’ offices in Westminster, London. Register here

Will inflation fuel demand for regime change?

Fiat or a real asset?

  It has in the past. Think of the  era of the hard Deutsche mark.  In the 1970s the German Bundesbank responded to the great inflation and bust of the late 1960s  by insulating its money fromUS inflationary storms. Will such reform follow the pandemic inflation of 2020–22? If the road is to lead to a…
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Ostriches will not get us out of this hole!

A Guide to Good Money: Beyond the illusions. of asset inflation

A  GUIDE TO GOOD MONEY: Beyond the Illusions of asset inflation How America Should Lead the Way to Good Money – YouTube › watch PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2022 30 years of experience with the current model of  monetary policy shows  that – after initial successes –  it has  disappointed the hopes and promises made when…
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We remain stuck in a bad money trap: why?

Revolt of the neglected and the exploited

The media support soft money Ten years after publication of my book, and on both sides of the Atlantic, national economies are still in the grip of the bad money trap.  How depressing. How debilitating. Asset prices are sky high.  Wages are sinking in real terms. All because of bad money policies that I analysed…
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Why Bitcoin is Money-in-waiting

Is Bitcoin money? No. Could it become money? Yes

Bitcoin shows that a would-be form of money can still arise through private initiative (as argued more fully in my book, The Power of Money).   Before the 2008 financial crisis, few economists would have believed this was possible. True,  numerous local currencies, community currencies and so forth existed. But these used the prevailing national money as…
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The New Power of Money

The Power of Money; How Ideas about Money Shaped the Modern World   Forrest Capie, Professor Emeritus of Economic History, Cass Business School and author of the modern History of the Bank of England writes: “Robert Pringle has written a book on money that is different from any other.” He “draws on a long life…
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Review of Hostile Money

Currencies in Conflict

A review by Robert Pringle “The purposes of money are constant, the way it operates varies hugely” says Paul Wilson at the outset  – and few authors have illustrated this as interestingly as he does. Impressively erudite, he never lets his command of detail hold up the story, so that the reader is swept up…
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My Volcker anecdotes

The risk and reality of hubris

Of all my memories of Paul Volcker – I first met him in the early  1970s when we was UnderSecretary for Monetary Affairs at the US Treasury and I was editing The Banker – four are particularly persistent:   1. A remarkable passage in the introduction to a book I co-authored with the late Marjorie Deane….
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How Ideas about Money Shaped the Modern World

The Power of Money

Hi there everybody Sorry to have been absent for so long. Actually I haven’t been bone idle. At least, not all the time, though I did manage to stow away on a couple of long cruises.  But even then, surfing the ocean waves in my 40,000 ton dinghy, I’ve been thinking about that funny old…
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The necessary illusionists

How money keeps its magic

Funny thing about money. It is supposed to be a bedrock of stability but it feeds on illusions. So much monetary policy relies on trickery.  The elite know things that the unwashed masses do not. Such as money illusion. The success of devaluation rests on tricking the masses. But tell a central banker he or…
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