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The Money Trap: Escaping the Grip of Global Finance By Robert Pringle

“Robert Pringle’s The Money Trap should be very high on the list of books for anyone wanting to understand the weaknesses and flaws in the existing approaches to national monetary and banking policies and the international arrangements that link them. “ Robert Pringle’s The Money Trap should be very high on the list of books…
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Book Notes: The Money Trap

First published in Central Banking, Vol XXIII, Number i, August 2012, page 86. Four insights in particular are worth mentioning: First, Pringle is right to draw attention to the frequency of financial instability in the post-Bretton Woods world. Since the early 1980s there has been an average of one such episode every three years. The relationship between these…
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Discredited central bankers caught in the money trap

Central banking used to be an august profession – highly respected, almost reverred, mainly because they looked after everybody’s money. But now that Wall Street can rake in more money than God, and the Fed and European Central Bank are still printing money to keep their economies from deflating, central bankers have lost their god-like…
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LSE Book Review: The Money Trap

“The Money Trap… offers a welcome alternative to most accounts of the Financial Crisis. The solutions may be on the radical side, but as growth forecasts continue to be revised downwards, and job figures continue to disappoint, such approaches may come to seem ever less radical.” Two weeks ago, delegates at the Republican National Convention nominated Mitt Romney…
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Will the Euromark be Europe’s Future?

The German government is being told by everybody outside Germany – and by many inside it – to rescue the euro. It must do so, according to the critics, by expanding demand, underwriting the issue of eurobonds, taking responsibility for feckless countries like Greece, bailing out dumb bankers, and backstopping extravagant, irresponsible governments. That is…
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