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Book Notes: The Money Trap

First published in Central Banking, Vol XXIII, Number i, August 2012, page 86. Four insights in particular are worth mentioning: First, Pringle is right to draw attention to the frequency of financial instability in the post-Bretton Woods world. Since the early 1980s there has been an average of one such episode every three years. The relationship between these…
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LSE Book Review: The Money Trap

“The Money Trap… offers a welcome alternative to most accounts of the Financial Crisis. The solutions may be on the radical side, but as growth forecasts continue to be revised downwards, and job figures continue to disappoint, such approaches may come to seem ever less radical.” Two weeks ago, delegates at the Republican National Convention nominated Mitt Romney…
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Draghi plays a trump card

My book argues that the euro crisis illustrates the dilemmas confronting all countries in a global economy. It is not at heart the euro but the global financial system that is the source of these dilemmas. The chances for the survival of an integrated world financial and economic system are at stake in the battle…
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