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Gold, money, the 1980s and now

When did the culture of ‘money mania’ start? When did people first set out to grab as much money as possible at whatever cost?  When did the momentum for credit creation —paper money calling for more money — become unstoppable? Let us contrast the past 30 years with the years 1880-1910. Under the classical gold…
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Does the ‘reserve’ dollar harm America?

  For many years  Lewis E. Lehrman and John D. Mueller have been calling attention to what they call the “reserve-currency curse.” Since some politicians and economists have recently insisted that the dollar’s official role as the world’s reserve currency is instead a great blessing, it is welcome that they have recently revisited the issue…
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Which anchor for money?

    The supply of money needs to be limited or ‘anchored’ to prevent excessive supply reducing its value. At present money is supposed to be limited by central banks following inflation targeting models. However, this paradigm has lost traction under the strain of the crisis. In effect we have returned to a discretionary monetary policy,…
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