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Golden opinions

  The attributes of gold usually cited as making it useful as money are summed up by the World Gold Council as follows:   “Gold’s scarcity, the fact that it does not corrode or tarnish, its malleability and status across civilisations have made it eminently suitable as a form of money.”   There is more…
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The Meltzer plan for world money

  Professor Allan Meltzer has for some years advocated a reform of international monetary arrangements based on a joint adoption by large economies or areas of similar inflation targets. This is a summary.   The US, the Euro, Japan and China (if it ends its currency controls) should adopt a common 0 to 2 percent…
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Good riddance to inflation targets

    As predicted in The Money Trap, governments and central banks are preparing to ditch the inflation target regime of monetary policy. Hilariously if predictably, they are insisting that it has succeeded – but that it is time to move on. So long as they bury their heads in the sand like this, no…
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