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Between Debt and the Devil: A Review

According to Adair Turner, Britain’s former chief financial regulator, the global financial crisis had one big cause: bad ideas.  These are ideas that Turner disapproves of. The key proposition of his new book is simply stated: “banking systems left to themselves are bound to produce too much of the wrong sort of debt, instability and…
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Adair Turner (1): Right on the case for radical reform

One person who fully grasps the urgent need for more radical reforms is Lord (Adair) Turner, former head of Britain Financial Services Authority. He also specifies what reforms he feels are needed and makes an eloquent plea for them. These two features set his contributions apart from 90% of writings on the topic. Here I…
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Adair Turner (2): Misguided remedies

  Caveat: I should mention to begin with that this critique is based on Lord Turner’s paper  on “Escaping the Debt Addiction”; one paper cannot cover every area and he has (I understand) written a soon-to-be-published book that will presumably range more widely.   The approach in this paper can be compared with that developed…
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The G30 plays blind man’s bluff

  Watching governments, central bankers and economists explore the remaining ruins of the old pre-2007 economic structure is like watching children playing a game of blind man’s bluff. Being blindfolded, they cannot see what is around them, and are compelled to rely on their other senses. Much amusement is to be had for the onlookers,…
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GOD? We need Moses

Even before today’s job ad in The Economist, it is clear who will win the race. GOD, in the shape of Baron Augustine O’Donnell, former head of the British civil service, is set to be the next governor of the Bank of England. For a start, the job spec indicated that only superhumans need apply….
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