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Central bankers should prepare for a new world

Central bankers are still trying to rescue their monetary policy models with some additional twists such as forward guidance, but not engaging in the fundamental re-think needed. (If you need better authority than I for this assertion, please do read Bill White in the Dallas Fed series here). Paul Tucker tells us that the new…
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The governor stakes revisited

  I have mentioned the familiar names – Tucker, Vickers, Turner, Burns. Of these Paul Tucker has the deepest grasp of the issues the new governor will confront, and he is getting encouragingly more radical on bank reform – like everybody else. Even Lord Turner has been asking questions about the whole viability of fractional…
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Is it to be a Burns-Vickers double-act?

Recent suggestions that Lord (Terry) Burns may be appointed chairman of a revitalised Court (Board of Directors) with greater powers of surveillance than the present Court make a lot of sense. That means the choice of governor, who will serve one term of eight years, may be between Paul Tucker, deputy governor, and Sir John…
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New entry to Bank of England governor stakes

  My apologies to subscribers who – following my tip – have placed bets on Gus O’Donnell to be next Bank of England Governor (RP’s Diary 14/09/12). They might lose their money. How did I come to overlook the irresistible charms of (Lord) Terry Burns? Terry is a pukka economist who followed a respectable academic…
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GOD? We need Moses

Even before today’s job ad in The Economist, it is clear who will win the race. GOD, in the shape of Baron Augustine O’Donnell, former head of the British civil service, is set to be the next governor of the Bank of England. For a start, the job spec indicated that only superhumans need apply….
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