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Yellen – hawk, dove or owl?

Heard on the Street:   “With the economy picking up, Yellen may taper faster than you think. She may turn out to be a hawk in dove’s clothing”.     “No way.  Janet’s a dove – a dove dressed in dove’s clothing”. “You are both mistaken. She is an owl. But, as Hegel said, the owls…
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The governor stakes revisited

  I have mentioned the familiar names – Tucker, Vickers, Turner, Burns. Of these Paul Tucker has the deepest grasp of the issues the new governor will confront, and he is getting encouragingly more radical on bank reform – like everybody else. Even Lord Turner has been asking questions about the whole viability of fractional…
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Why gold is back

    In investment terms, we face a scenario that says neither bonds nor equities are likely to rise.  The ‘uncertainty’ is greater than ever.  And it is ‘uncertainty’ that drives people into gold, not relative values in paper currencies.  We have to think that gold is the central thing around which everything else moves….
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