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Globalization: a warning from Brexit

  “Yesterday’s vote speaks to the ongoing changes and challenges that are raised by globalization,” President Obama said yesterday in his first comment on the UK referendum. He is right. The “Out” vote should be viewed as part of the geo-political fallout of the financial crisis and the failure of governments and bodies such as…
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Are the political conditions for reform out of reach?

  Three major failures contributed to the global financial car crash • There was a failure of banking and bankers – imprudence and irresponsibility, tinged with instances of criminal behaviour, insider trading, mis-selling, deceit and fraud; • There was a failure of central bankers – they were seduced into assuming the self-stabilising properties of markets,…
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Why gold is back

    In investment terms, we face a scenario that says neither bonds nor equities are likely to rise.  The ‘uncertainty’ is greater than ever.  And it is ‘uncertainty’ that drives people into gold, not relative values in paper currencies.  We have to think that gold is the central thing around which everything else moves….
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