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Why real investment is so sluggish

  Low real interest rates would normally be expected to stimulate capital investment by lowering the cost of finance for companies – large and small. Yet real investment remains sluggish in nearly all developed economies. Some blame austerity measures taken to control fiscal deficits. Others blame the rise in precautionary savings by the private sector…
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IV The Power of Global Finance

Under present arrangements, finance too often acts as a malevolent force, rewarding private sectional interests at the expense of the public interest. This is because the globalisation of markets has run ahead of our power to control them. Properly harnessed, global finance could be, again, an enormously powerful force for good. Designing such a harness…
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Is “The Money Trap” too radical?

The most common response I have had to the proposals made in my book for a new banking system and global monetary reform is that they are too radical, too ambitious, and won’t happen. When I ask such critics (who are usually of a friendly disposition) what are they suggesting, they usually reply that slow…
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How to control those central bankers

Last Tuesday I went along to the Adam Smith Institute to listen to Brendan Brown launch his new book, “The Global Curse of the Federal Reserve”.   Brendan picked out three channels through which  central banks’ ultra-low interest rate polices can trigger asset price inflation (followed invariably by a crash):   Central bank pegging of…
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Some nuanced views of Mr Carney

The UK media have been gushing in their welcome. It is right to welcome central banking’s “rock star”. But not everybody has been carried away by the euphoria…you only have to scan the Canadian press today: Andrew Coyne at the Montreal Gazette That our banking system was not so badly mauled by the crisis as…
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