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IV The Power of Global Finance

Under present arrangements, finance too often acts as a malevolent force, rewarding private sectional interests at the expense of the public interest. This is because the globalisation of markets has run ahead of our power to control them. Properly harnessed, global finance could be, again, an enormously powerful force for good. Designing such a harness…
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Cato Journal review of The Money Trap

This is indeed a red-letter day for RP’s Diary. A grand review of the book has been published in a prestigious US journal. It states that  The Money Trap “provides a superb explanation of how we got into this mess” – and a way out and “what we need to understand in order to properly…
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Volcker, Lagarde, Rees-Mogg and the Ikon

Lord Rees-Mogg, former editor of The Times, London and doyen of British commentators, has called for a reform of the global financial system (GFS). Rees-Mogg quotes Paul Volcker, who in a recent interview described the present period as one of the most difficult in history: “This is a recession on top of a complete financial…
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