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What Osborne should have said

  George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, made an autumn statement in the House of Commons yesterday. This is what he should have said. Mr Speaker, Honourable Members, Successive governments have allowed the problems related to and in part caused by the operations of banks in this country to drag on. No solution is in…
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Can London lead a financial rebirth?

The reputation of the City of London has been badly damaged, however the LIBOR affair turns out. People will inevitably ask, who knows what other kinds of criminal or near-criminal activity have been taking place? Would the LIBOR attempted price fixing have come to light without those incriminating emails? What other forms of collusion are…
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What is the “Money Trap”?

I am in Hong Kong, enjoying a wonderful view over the harbour towards Kowloon. Here, it seems to be always boom time. Hong Kong has its occasional crashes and crises, but the default mode is one of optimism, expansion, innovation. Hong Kong is a crucial bridge between Europe and Asia, between the City of London,…
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